Sunday, February 27, 2011

More Valerius please!...

Seize the night- Book 7

I finished book 7 yesterday. Ohhhh... and I wished it never ended. Valerius is the lead character in this book, who is an uppity, formal, I'm better than you attitude, dark dangerous man. He meets Tabitha, a witty crazy off the wall chick with 8 sisters who doesn't put up with any ones Cr@*. This is truly a tale of opposites attract...while I kick a few bad guys butts in the night. (oh... and I have fangs!) At the end of the day, this was one of my favorite books in her series. I will miss you my hawt stuck up man! :D

Friday, February 25, 2011

Can I have a book review... Yesum!

      So, I have been quite slow in adding to my blog. What can I say?? I'm a busy busy chicka ;)
I decided to do a quick recap and review of a few books I have finished lately.
I have been reading my friend liz's recommended series by Sherrilyn Kenyon and... Lub it! Boy, these books can real you in!
They are a bit "adult" (okay not a bit... maybe more! ;) but the stories are fantastic!
These books focus on a lot of Greek mythology which is very interesting to read about. It tells a back story of each new "dark hunter" who is the main character in the book. Each book picks up where the other leaves with a new dark hunter and his story. They are immortal and fight "Damion's" who swarm the cities at night in search of victims.
I am on book 7 right now which is titled "Seize the night". This has to be one of my favorite of the seven books I have read so far in this series (tie with book 1). This stories is about Valerious... who is a roman dark hunter who is very prim and proper...and dark and mysterious. Everyone hates him because things that occurred during his "human life" between him and Kyrian (Book 1 btw) ..... and on and on. But at the end of the day I defiantly recommend this book. It has A LOT of packed action and storyline to leave you wanting more.

Back a few books... Book 2 is "Talon's" story.  I enjoyed this story. It was not as good as book one in the series, but it was well worth the read. He is a blond dark hunter who protects a gal called "sunshine" from the night.

Book 3 was "Zerecks" story. This was my 3rd favorite book so far in the series. Zereck is an outcast, former slave in his "human life" who was beaten and tormented at the hands of his roman family. When he died he swore revenge on them and thus gave his soul to become a dark hunter. A little re-cap... dark hunters a immortal beings (With fangs! mmmm) who protect the human world from Daimons. Daimons are former "appolites" who die on their 27th bday. In order to remain alive, they must kill humans and take their "souls" ...I know I know, sounds so Dark and scary... but the story lines are so well....dark and fantastic!

Book 4 was Wulf and Cassandra's story. This was a good story as well. A different story line from the point of view of and appolite. The ones who live to only 27 years old. It told her story and the love story between her and the dark hunter "Wulf" who saved her life.

Book 5 is Vane's story. This story introduced us to the world of Were-hunters. Rather than immortal vampires, they are immortal werewolves.

Book 1- is Julian's story, This book should be read after book two because it is totally different, and is a unique story in its own.

Okay.... wooooo that's a quick recap of the dark hunter series that I have read so far. So...umm, go on out to your local book store and get it! um kay ;)

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Review of the movie "2012"

....Within the first ten minutes of this film, the main character, played by John Cusack, already amazingly figures out that it will be the end of the world at any moment, and packs his family up and drives them over to the local airport. Amazingly they find a plane, can fly the plane, and fly away from the world as it crumbles under their very feet within minutes.
They are swooping through the sky, while small little red and white cars dangle off bridges and fall to their demise. They fly amazingly under falling sky scrapers and never get hit...
haha yeah right.
This movie goes on another few hours the same way! Somehow knowing that that part of the world is going to cave in on itself and nearly missing being swallowed up by the earth.
It was a good thing I rented this movie from RedBox for the great fee of $1. One smack-a-rooo or I would have been disappointed further...But for a dollar, hey it wasn't that bad of a show! :)
It seemed predictable, and at times had you yelling at the screen "Hey dummie...why are you just standing there???....can't you see that mountain three feet away caving in on itself...or that lava coming straight for you??" all while they stand there till the exact second it almost touches there shinny blue shoes...then poof...they hop in their car/motor home/plane/boat and nearly miss it.

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Dark Hunter Series: Book One

Book One-----> Nightly Pleasures by Sherrilyn Kenyon

I sit in my brown chair, eyes glossed over as I squint ever so slightly to watch the television glaring in front of me. It's 10:36 pm, and I am wide awake. Tik Tok the small black clock sounds and the seconds pass by. I, by now, am bored stiff from watching an overload of "Law and Order" which plays continuously on the television at this time of night.
....There it is, It's red binding, and conveniently strikingly good looking man staring back at me. I laugh inside a bit, knowing that I have only been making fun of my friend Liz the last five months for reading books "like these" .... I mean, come on! The cover says it all "Nightly Pleasures" pfffff....yeah, I don't think so.
But this particular night I begin to consider opening it up. I've heard her talk about this series the last five months, and seeing how we have exactly the same taste in most of the books we read...which is a lot...I decide to open it up and read the first few pages.
.....two hours pass by and I see the red 12:41 glaring back at me! "What??!! Two hours have past by since I opened this book" I think to myself amazed. Two days later, and here I am all done with this book and on to the next in the series!

Now this type of book may not be everyone "cup of tea"...But it was sweet to my liking :)
It starts off with a girl named Amanda whose boyfriend breaks up with her. Her sisters are all kinda "strange" and are into this supernatural stuff...which she is soooo not into.
She goes to her sisters house one day and gets struck on the head with something....and lights out for her.
She wakes up handcuffed to a strikingly handsome, passed out man in front of her. His name is Kyrian ...(which you will learn later) he is a "dark Hunter" ....

I enjoyed this book so far and look forward to reading the rest of the series.